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College Athletics and the Law provides a great snapshot of legal issues affecting our athletics programs and is an essential resource for any athletics department. It showcases other institutions’ best practices, so we can compare policies, emergency plans, and other athletic legal documents and apply the best procedures at our school.”
Duane Aagaard, Athletic Director, Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL

How can you ensure your programs aren’t vulnerable to litigation? Rely on College Athletics and the Law—your one-stop resource for news and guidance on all legal issues affecting your athletics programs.

  • How can you keep your teams’ academic progress rate scores high?
  • What’s the best way to discipline—and reform—athletes who break the law?
  • What is your institution’s responsibility regarding accessibility for athletics facilities?
  • What inexpensive programs can you add to ensure Title IX compliance?
  • How can you prevent recruits from engaging in illegal behavior on official visits?
  • How can you ensure athletes have proper documentation for medication so they won’t lose eligibility?

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Find the answers in these exclusive College Athletics and the Law features:

  • Lawsuits & Rulings: explains the rationale behind recent court cases and what they mean to you—so you can fix potential problem areas
  • Leaders & Innovators: profiles outstanding athletic directors sharing challenges, leadership philosophies, and advice
  • NCAA Update: briefs you on NCAA litigation, probation, and new or potential regulations
  • Title IX: highlights gender equity requirements and strategies for compliance
  • A Conversation With: interviews experts concerning legal issues, such as dealing with Facebook, following up on a Title IX complaint, keeping athletes academically eligible, and more
  • Managing Your Office: provides solutions to common staff issues and tips to sharpen your management skills
  • Coaches Corner: focuses on issues related to hiring, firing, and disciplining coaches, along with helpful training tips.
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