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Achieve sustained success by working toward common goals
Address medical decisions, return-to-play guidelines
Al Bean, Atheletics Director, University of Southern Maine
Antitrust and amateurism carry the day in the latest O’Bannon decision
Are You Prepared to Combat Synthetic Marijuana?
Avoid pitfalls, increase success of fundraising efforts
Be Prepared to Deal with Worst-Case Scenarios
Collaborate with student affairs to create case manager position for student-athletes
Consider lessons learned before a weather crisis occurs
Create durable competitive advantage for coaches of women’s teams
Dave Roach Athletics Director Colgate University
Develop, enhance policies and procedures
Division IA Task Force Aims to Overhaul Compliance Model
Educate Boosters, Student-Athletes to Avoid Unwanted Conduct
Follow 10-step proactive approach to improve travel safety for your student-athletes
Follow best practices for managing the firing of a coach
Follow game plan for holding student-athletes accountable
Follow practical tips to make social media work for you
Get your faculty athletics representative active in compliance
Go beyond liability waivers to proactively manage sports camp risks
Groups debate Title IX effectiveness
Have a Plan to Control Crowds at Games
Help your staff prevent common mistakes that lead to FERPA violations involving student-athletes
Identify, Manage Camp Risks to Protect Campers and the Institution
Implement Automated System to Certify Athletic Eligibility
Implement best practices for managing challenges of rivalries
Increase your effectiveness by following this advice
Law firm report finds institutional failures that led to Penn State scandal
Learn from Emergency Situation at Iowa
Learn how to better manage risks, liabilities by providing sufficient sports medicine staffing
Learn how to develop a life skills program that leads to success
Learn how to successfully develop, expand athletics program
Learn Strategies for Managing Your Most Difficult Legal Challenges
Make game plan now to successfully lead athletics unit through severe weather
Make sure that your athletics programs comply with federal disability laws
Minimize potential liabilities in collegiate sports medicine departments
Model healthy balance between personal, professional success
Penn State Sexual Abuse Scandal Yields Lessons for Other Institutions
Prepare to handle the challenges involved in the processes, procedures for international student-athletes
Prepare to respond to accommodation requests from transgender student-athletes in order to ensure compliance with Title IX
Prevent scandals, protect reputations by taking prompt action
Prevent, address burnout among your athletics department staff members, coaches
Proposed Athlete Stipend Allowance Draws Mixed Reviews
Protect Your Athletics Unit From Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
Protect Your Sports Brand by Considering Licensing
Raise awareness about legal risks connected to involvement with daily fantasy sports sites
Recognize everyone’s duty of reasonable care to student-athletes
Recognize the valuable role of athletic trainers
Reduce hazing incidents with proactive approach
Re-examine intern programs to ensure compliance with FLSA
Review How to Count Participants for Title IX Purposes
Review implications, best practices for student-athletes’ social-media use
Review legal guidance on preventing, addressing sexual harassment and assault involving student-athletes
Review lessons learned to rebuild your campus after a major infraction
Show appreciation for athletics staff members’ hard work
Sport administrators can benefit, support your department
Sports Panels Make Sense from Education, Compliance Standpoints
Step up hazing prevention, response initiatives
Tackle gambling problems before it’s too late
Take steps to create smooth transition for new AD
Take steps to limit liability at sports camps affiliated with your institution
Terminate underperforming employees without putting your institution at risk
Track prospect calls to stay in NCAA compliance
Tragic Accident Triggers Safety Training Review
Train, then carefully monitor assistant coaches
Understand your key legal responsibilities regarding pregnant and parenting student-athletes
Update to NCAA bylaw raises concerns about impact on student-athletes’ mental health
Weigh the pros, cons of dividing your office by sport program vs. bylaw
Whit Babcock reveals lessons learned after basketball brawl brings national disgrace
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